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Amy Winehouse Harassess Passengers On Flight Back From Vacation

03.03.2009 - There goes the neighbourhood: Amy Winehouse quits her drug-den flat for the 'quiet life' of suburbia

Amy Winehouse caused quite a stir on her flight back to England from her two-month Caribbean vacation yesterday. Passengers were alarmed when Ms. Winehouse emerged from First Class and ran up and down the aisles shouting.

A person on the plane recounted the events:

"I was pretty shocked to look up and see Amy Winehouse hurtling through the plane and shouting. It's just not what you expect. She had clearly been drinking and kept running between the different classes, which just isn't what people do on planes. It was an overnight flight, so most people were just watching films or trying to sleep, and Amy's antics really started annoying some other guests. She was acting more like a child than a star. It wasn't funny, it was just annoying."

When she arrived at Gatwick, Ms. Winehouse was said to look distressed and jetlagged.

After reading reports of her antics on vacation, we're not surprised she was so sad to leave. It's not every trip you cheat on your husband with a 21-year-old, and crawl around the resort begging fellow guests to buy you a drink because staff refuses to serve you alcohol . All good things must come to an end, though, so Amy's just going to have to go back to the ol' crack-smoking and drinking-herself-into-oblivion routine.

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