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Beautiful Rare White Deer Spotted, Hunters Race To Kill It

03.09.2009 - Rare and beautiful, the white deer that is a just a trophy for hunters

Hunters around Britain are abuzz with news that a rare white roebuck has been spotted in nearby grasslands. The sighting has hunters gathering their gear and lining up for their chance to stalk. One hunter has even offered £5,400 for a first crack.

The yearling's color is thought to be a result of a genetic mutation called leucism, which changes the pattern of pigmentation. The condition is so rare, that only a handful of deer with it have been spotted since WWII. Once it grows antlers, it is thought to be an even bigger prize for avid hunters.

Sporting Rifle magazine is planning on publishing a countdown to the deer's death. The magazine's editor, Charlie Jacoby, said: "Selling the opportunity to shoot this deer is a very good money earner."

This need to murder anything that is innocent and beautiful is nothing new for the British—it's a behavior that is passed down from generation to generation. While the days of pillaging African villages and hunting elephants are long gone, the Brits' concept of beauty will never go beyond stuffed and mounted. To them, there is nothing more divine than staring into the cold dead eyes of a once thriving beast.

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