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Town Spends £6,000 On Navigation Systems For Lawnmowers

03.12.2009 - Council spends £6,000 fitting sat-nav to its fleet of mowers... to stop gardeners getting lost in the grass

The Leicestershire County Council has announced that they have spent £6,000 of taxpayer money outfitting lawnmowers with satellite navigation because gardeners complained that they kept getting lost in long grass.

We would have thought that a more sensible solution to this problem would be to mow the grass more often—you know, to keep it from growing so tall—but the council sees things differently, and instead decided to reward these lazy gardeners with high-tech lawnmowers.

Everyone in the council is very excited about their next generation mowers: "Keeping Leicestershire's grass verges neat and tidy is important and I'm pleased we are embracing innovative technology."

Others are not so ecstatic. "At a time when ordinary people are struggling to put food on the table, frittering away public money on this sort of nonsense shows just how out of touch this council have become," said Susie Squire of the TaxPayers' Alliance.

We quite agree with Susie here. Those £6,000 could have gone to much better use, like reparations.

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