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UK Will Be The Only Major Economy Still Slumping Next Year

03.18.2009 - UK recession 'worst of all': It will be the only major economy still in a slump next year, predicts IMF

The International Monetary Fund had bleak news for Britons, as it revealed that the UK's financial woes were much worse than previously thought—shattering Gordon Brown's claim that England is in good shape to weather the economic turmoil. This year, the IMF said that England's economy would shrink by 3.8%, and 0.2% in 2010.

They predicted that tens of thousands of businesses would close due to the downturn, and unemployment would rise above three million as a result.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said: "Britain is set to have the longest recession of all the major economies. It is further evidence that Gordon Brown’s economic model is fundamentally broken."

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown's big plan is to spend more and more money and tell other countries to do the same.

Somehow, we think Gordon Brown's sheer lack of credibility in all things economics will pose quite a problem for level-headed world leaders. Accepting financial advice from Gordon Brown is like accepting a parenting help from Josef Fritzl. Not gonna happen.

Good luck, though, Gordon. We wish you the best.

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