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Chihuahua Saves Dwarf

03.23.2009 - Dwarf saved by chiuhuahua

It was a rescue of microscopic proportions.

Beverley Burkitt, standing at 3ft. 8in. tall, went out for a walk in the woods in North Wales with her chihuahua, Pebbles, on Sunday morning. At some point along the way, she dropped her cell phone without noticing. Several hours later, realizing she'd lost both her phone and her way, she lay down and waited to be rescued. "I wasn't too worried because I knew I would be found sooner or later," she said.

By nightfall, she had still not been found, so she cuddled with Pebbles and fell asleep. Police found her the next morning with her dog stretched out on her legs.

Though it was a mild night, rescuers said that Pebbles' warmth kept her from getting hypothermia.

Boy, this feel-good story with dwarfs and chihuahuas sure does make one forget about the horrible economic doom that awaits, doesn't it!

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