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“Conspiracy of Silence” Keeps The International Coalition For British Reparations Out of the Philadelphia Press


Philadelphia, PA – February 1, 2007 – Lack of local coverage in the Philadelphia market, home of the International Coalition for British Reparations, has many media watchers scratching their heads in disbelief. Some are even crying foul, accusing the mainstream press of deliberately withholding vital information about this global network of citizens bound together by their demand for reparations from the British Crown as repayment for 500 years of misrule and atrocities.

Fresh off the heels of Prince Charles’ visit to Philadelphia and the Coalition’s banned television spot on “The O’Reilly Report” (which was pulled mid-airing because of “questionable subject matter”), the ICBR respectfully asks: did Great Britain get to the local press the way they did to Comcast, who yanked the commercial?

Now that the Prince is gone, we expect to see an upswing in the amount of coverage this important news story receives. The Coalition is eager to spread the word about the $8,350 that is due to every man, woman and child on earth, the payout which would occur when the requested $58 trillion reparations are collected.

The International Coalition for British Reparations launched its initiative on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 with a press conference at the National Constitution Center. They are running a print campaign in newspapers across the country and have produced a commercial, which is slated to run on news channels. Both the ad and the commercial can be seen at

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The International Coalition for British Reparations (ICBR) is a think tank of British foreign policy headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where America's split with Britain began in 1776. Founded on July 4, 2006, we have members all over the world.

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